I live most of my life inside my head.

Do you two fall back into old routines when you meet?
HADER: For everyone around us, it sucks. What are they talking about? A butterfly and a bird on a branch?WIIG: [writer-director] Craig [Johnson] just had to deal with it on set: “O.K., they’re doing it again.”HADER: At “SNL,” we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred [Armisen] would really go bonkers.WIIG: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “O.K.! Guys! Please!”HADER: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.WIIG: Everyone would be like, “Year 3 of that joke.”HADER: "And it’s never been funny."
THE NEW YORK TIMES, Kindred Spirits Try Something New – Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Star in ‘The Skeleton Twins’

When I get what I want,I never want it again.

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Morning Surf, Montauk

Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan)
I love her

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